Jewelry Care

Each piece of jewelry by IV is a carefully constructed work of art. As some materials used are delicate in nature, please treat with care. Additionally, the stones used are natural and will vary in size, shape and color. All glass used is ethically sourced and recycled primarily from Africa. The chains, earring posts and hooks used are all hypoallergenic.



  • Store your jewelry in soft fabric bags/sheets, or hang on a stand.
  • Remove your jewelry when you try on clothes or perform any physical activities.
  • Keep your jewelry away from cosmetics, lotions, oils and cleaning products (other than products intended for jewelry cleaning).
  • When traveling, store your jewelry carefully in a jewelry box or bag.



  • Use something as simple as Brasso, or follow other safe and recommended tips for cleaning brass jewelry.
  • Brasso and/or most methods for cleaning brass jewelry are intended for cleaning only

the metal. Please keep any chemicals used to clean your jewelry away from stones, glass or

tassels (as best as you can), as it could cause damage to those elements of the jewelry.