David Quarles, IV - designer and creator of IV.
Coming from a vibrant heritage of African-American, Indigenous-American and Caribbean descent, David often expresses his love of culture, history and people in his art. You’ll notice that the names of the pieces he creates are rooted in the languages spoken by his ancestors . . . and from their legacy, he draws his inspiration.
IV is a modernization of David's heritage through colorful and intentional interpretation. 
He likes to think that what he designs mirrors what his ancestors would have worn during their most sacred events.
The colors chosen for the pieces designed by David are based on a direct response to his experience with chromesthesia - which basically means he hears color and sees sound. So, as David crafts jewelry to the sound of music, he lets the colors seen and felt guide his color selection.
As a result, what David designs manifests into wearable art.
"I’m honored that you’ve chosen to adorn yourself with a creation from IV. Thank you!" - David Quarles, IV
Culturally inspired design that speaks from the soul.